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American Best Garage Doors is your best local option for a full-
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Emergencies occur when you least expect them. American Best Garage Doors provides fast and dependable Emergency Garage Door repair. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customer satisfaction guaranteed. read more »

Entry Doors For Your
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There are many choices available for replacement windows and doors in your home and American Best Garage Doors appreciates the opportunity to provide you the best solution available. Call us today for a FREE Estimate. read more »

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Elegant, safe and secure, American Best's gates add value to your home. Custom metal gates are also the perfect touch for a private garden entrance or as a dramatic front courtyard enclosure. If you’re looking for a quick read more »

All of our 19015 Garage Door Technicians are licensed, bonded and insured! For immediate response, call (610) 571-2757.

Our 19015 technicians are expert Garage Door installers and repairmen. One call to American Best Garage Doors is all it takes. We'll be onsite to repair your broken garage door springs, install brand new garage doors for your home or business, or even to install garage door openers.

19015 Emergency Garage Door Repair and Service - 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

We understand that sometimes things can break at the most inopportune times, so we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to service and repair your 19015 garage doors. We pride ourselves in customer service -- so give us a call and you won't be disappointed.

Entry Doors, Windows, Gates, and more for your Home or Business!

As we are a full-service Door company, we also install entry doors to your 19015 residence or even 19015 business. We offer a large selection of doors and windows to accent your house and commercial establishment.

Garage Door Supplies & Installation: 19015
  • 19015 Torsion Spring for Garage Doors
  • Commercial and Residential garage doors in 19015
  • Night and Weekend Service in 19015
  • 19015 Repair of Broken Overhead Garage Door Springs
  • Same Day Garage Door Service for the 19015 area
  • New Garage Door installation in 19015
  • 19015 Garage Door Openers Repaired & Installed

Garage Door Repairs 30.Nov,2013

The seasons are changing which means its time for some spring cleaning!Time to get your yard and homread more »

Garage Door Springs Saftey! 30.Nov,2013

The garage door springs are one of the most over looked parts of the garage door, yet they are also read more »

Get your Garage Door ready for the winter. 30.Nov,2013

Now that summer is coming to an end it is time to start preparing not only yourself but also your horead more »

American Best Locksmith – the best choice in town! 11. Aug, 2010

The reviews are in and American Best Locksmith has consistently met or exceeded customers’ expectations!!  We invite you to visit our Google Local Business listing where you can read reviews about our superior service.

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Get Your Garage Ready For Spring Clean Up 27. Mar, 2015

Garage Door RepairAh the time has come yet again to start peeling away the layers and get ready for the warmer weather and longer days! Spring is in the air and we could not be happier. After this brutal winter there is a lot of spring clean up needed to get our homes, garages and yards ready for the warm summer months ahead. We have outlined a few tips below to assist you with planning your garage clean up to ensure that you and your garage door are ready for summer.

During the winter months the garage becomes filled with clutter; from holiday decorations, snow shovels, winter coats, salt bags, outdoor toys and anything else used during these months. It is often too cold or dark to put things away where they belong in the winter which leads to massive piles of clutter, when getting your home and garage ready for the spring and summer months this is the first place you must start. Throughout the years we have found that the easiest way to get started with the home clean up is to empty the garage completely remove everything outside and start from scratch, organizing and putting back into the proper spaces not only allows for easy finding of specific product but can help free up space in the garage for the summer months.

  1. remove all contents of the garage and stack into piles separated by season and use.
  2. sweep out the garage after going around and completing a garage door inspection
  3. take all winter related items (shovels, decorations) and store them into the back of the garage out of the way until they are needed again next year.
  4. take all summer related items ( pools, beach toys, camping gear) move it back into the garage stacking it neatly in front of the winter items ready for use in the upcoming months.
  5. take all spring items (lawn furniture, lawn mower, yard tools) and place them back into the garage neatly ready for use in the upcoming weeks. You will want these items front and center so when the weather breaks you are able to hop right into yard clean up.
  6. take a look at all left over items, things you or your children may have forgotten about buried in the back of the garage and separate them into piles for donations and trash.
  7. step back and admire your fresh and clean garage area and get ready for the relaxing summer months coming ahead.

During garage clean up you can take advantage of the time the garage is empty to perform our garage door inspection, by performing the inspection not only are you ensuring that the garage door is in working order after the winter months but you can identify any problem areas and contact one of our garage door specialist 24 hours a day 7 days a week to schedule an appointment to fix your garage door before the problem turns into a larger issue.

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Garage Door Repairs Don’t have to be so costly 14. Mar, 2015

Garage Door RepairYour garage door is one of the heaviest moving appliances in your home, if you are like most Americans who park their vehicle inside the garage your door is used just as much as your front door. Requiring it to open and close multiple times a day can result in the garage door parts wearing down and needing to be replaced, in most cases the garage door will provide you with a warning noise like a screech or cracking noise when it is being opened and closed. Similar to the type of noise your refrigerator or washing machine may make when it is about to break. When you hear these noises it is time to call out the professionals. In more case than we would like to share our customers have ignored these warning signs which results in costly repairs being needed or entire garage door replacements.

Just like your car or anything else with an engine or moving parts regular maintenance is required to keep your garage door running as smoothly as it can. In the same way you take your vehicle in for a tune up and oil change you should also be giving your garage door the same treatment. Going through the garage door parts on a monthly or even bi monthly basis to ensure that all the parts are in good working order can allow you to save tons of money in the future from avoiding costly repairs. We have listed a check list below to help you perform a garage door inspection to assist with keeping your door working properly and avoid paying costly fees down the line.

First you will need to make sure the garage is empty by parking your vehicle in the driveway or on the street to allow you enough space to freely move throughout the garage to inspect all the parts. Once the garage is empty you can close the door and start your inspection.

  1. Make sure that the door does in fact close all the way with no open gaps at the base or in the panels.
  2. Take a look at the garage door track where the wheels roll up and down allowing the door to open and close. Be sure that there is no debris in the track and that the wheels are greased enough that they are not rubbing on the track causing the wheels or the track to break down.
  3. Check the panels of the door make sure all the screws are tightly fastened in the hinges and there are no loose or missing screws
  4. Inspect the opener if you have one make sure the wires are not showing or being interfered with by the belt that opens the door. Also if the light bulb is burnt out in your opener now is a perfect time to replace it.
  5. After you have checked the opener to ensure all wires are tucked away and the belt is not being interfered with by any other objects you can open the door.
  6. While the door is opening check the mobility of the rollers in the track this is a great time to see if the track is bent anywhere or a roller is not rolling.
  7. After the door is open and you inspect the rollers and track you can look at the sensors for the opener they are located at the base of the door opening it is always best practice to keep all objects clear from the edge of the door allowing the sensors to work properly. You can wipe the lenses of the sensor with a wet paper towel to make sure the signal stays strong between them allowing the door to open and close easily.
  8. After you check the sensors and the track of the door you can bring your car back inside and wrap up your inspection.

By following these simple tips we hope that you will be able to not only keep your door running smoothly but be more aware when the door is not functioning properly and give us a call sooner so we can fix the problem before it becomes too much of a issue that it requires a complete replacement.

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