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Emergencies occur when you least expect them. American Best Garage Doors provides fast and dependable Emergency Garage Door repair. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customer satisfaction guaranteed. read more »

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There are many choices available for replacement windows and doors in your home and American Best Garage Doors appreciates the opportunity to provide you the best solution available. Call us today for a FREE Estimate. read more »

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Elegant, safe and secure, American Best's gates add value to your home. Custom metal gates are also the perfect touch for a private garden entrance or as a dramatic front courtyard enclosure. If you’re looking for a quick read more »

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Welcome to American Best Doors

August 1, 2010

Looking to replace that old entry door to your home? Need a more secure, reliable door? Then why not turn to the door experts at American Best Doors? We specialize in all types of home entry doors. We’ll gladly give you a free,  no-obligation price quote. From repairing your existing door to replacing it with something more modern, just give us a call at 1-877-888-3049 and we’ll get the job done in no time.

Garage Door Repairs 30. Nov, -0001

The seasons are changing which means its time for some spring cleaning!Time to get your yard and homread more »

Garage Door Springs Saftey! 30. Nov, -0001

The garage door springs are one of the most over looked parts of the garage door, yet they are also read more »

Get your Garage Door ready for the winter. 30. Nov, -0001

Now that summer is coming to an end it is time to start preparing not only yourself but also your horead more »

American Best Locksmith – the best choice in town! 11. Aug, 2010

The reviews are in and American Best Locksmith has consistently met or exceeded customers’ expectations!!  We invite you to visit our Google Local Business listing where you can read reviews about our superior service.

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Garage Door Inspection Savings! 15. Jan, 2014

In the past we have covered just how important it is to have a properly maintained garage door, not only can the repairs be costly they can also lead to very dangerous accidents.

Most of the common garage door problems occur with the opener, since these machines are relied on heavily day in and day out it only makes sense that they would need to have a tune up per-say every few months.Your Garage door opener allows even the smallest member of your family to easily open or close the garage door with a simple push of a button, since you grow accustomed to this amenity when it stops working pure panic sets in.  Just like you change the oil in your vehicle you need to provide your garage door opener with regular maintenance.

This does not stop with the garage door opener, you see garage door springs are also a very likely candidate to cause your garage door to malfunction. The garage door springs are what allow your garage door to open and close easily. When they become stretched out they can and will snap, when a garage door spring snaps it makes the use of your garage door stop instantly. If you are like most of our customers your garage is where you house your vehicle when not using it, and if your only means of transportation is now stuck inside your garage due to a broken spring the need and urgency to have this issue resolved immediately is imperative.

All of our Garage door technicians are on call twenty four hours a day seven days a week so no matter what time it may be when your garage door is not working up to par you can count on the professional garage door repair workers at American Best Garage Doors to be at your location in just a few minutes after placing your call.

American Best Garage Doors is happy to announce that we are now running a special for garage door inspections, for $55 you can have a skilled garage door technician at your home the same day you call in for a quick yet thorough garage door inspection.

Upon inspecting your garage door our techs will compile a list of all needed repairs or replacement services you require for your garage door to be functioning properly.

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Get your Garage Door ready for the winter. 06. Sep, 2013

Now that summer is coming to an end it is time to start preparing not only yourself but also your home for the colder months ahead. We will go over a few tips on how to make sure your garage and garage door make it through another winter.

The first thing you will need to do is make sure all of your summer items like pool toys, lawn equipment, garden furniture and of course your grill have a safe spot to call home for the next few months inside your garage. The best way to make sure you do not bury any thing you might need in the winter months with all of your summer gear is to empty out your entire garage! Yes this sounds daunting but if done in an organized manner it can be completed in one afternoon. Now you will want to pick a day that you have free when it is still seasonably warm outside (no one likes working in the cold or rain).

After you have emptied everything out of your garage it is time to separate it by season, this is easy since most of your fall accessories are decorations for Halloween and thanksgiving. Once you have everything in its own nice neat little pile you need to clean the garage, by wiping off the walls and moping the floors you can greatly increase the ease of using your garage all year round.

Before you start to put all of your belongings back inside your garage you will need to give it an inspection. No one likes to waste money on the heat bill because the garage door is not sealed properly. So go ahead inside the garage and shut the door, turn off the lights and look around the frame of the door. Can you see any light from outside? Do you see huge gaps? If the answer is yes than you will need to get some weather stripping, most hardware stores carry the one size fits and it is easy enough to install on your own. If you have no gaps than good for you now you need to check the hardware on the door. Screws, hinges, cables and rollers are the main focus here, if one of those things stops working your garage door will no longer be the door you remember. So check real quick make sure you do not see any rust and that all the holes have a screw in them, look in your garage door track make sure there is no dirt or debris that may hinder your rollers from rolling. After you have checked everything out and it is all in place than you can go ahead and reload your garage with all of your things. Making sure you put the summer stuff in first than spring, winter and fall that way what you need is easily accessible when you need it.

If you were not lucky enough to find no problems with your garage door than you will probably need to replace lost screws or hinges also a simple job with parts that can be found at your local hardware store. But if the problem is with the rollers or track or even worse a spring or the opener it would be wise to call you local garage door repair company.

American Best Garage Doors And Doors offers a free garage door estimate where one of our professional technicians will go over every inch of your garage door to make sure it is ready to handle another winter. Give us a call today to set up your free estimate.

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