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Garage Door Inspection Savings!

January 15, 2014

In the past we have covered just how important it is to have a properly maintained garage door, not only can the repairs be costly they can also lead to very dangerous accidents.

Most of the common garage door problems occur with the opener, since these machines are relied on heavily day in and day out it only makes sense that they would need to have a tune up per-say every few months.Your Garage door opener allows even the smallest member of your family to easily open or close the garage door with a simple push of a button, since you grow accustomed to this amenity when it stops working pure panic sets in.  Just like you change the oil in your vehicle you need to provide your garage door opener with regular maintenance.

This does not stop with the garage door opener, you see garage door springs are also a very likely candidate to cause your garage door to malfunction. The garage door springs are what allow your garage door to open and close easily. When they become stretched out they can and will snap, when a garage door spring snaps it makes the use of your garage door stop instantly. If you are like most of our customers your garage is where you house your vehicle when not using it, and if your only means of transportation is now stuck inside your garage due to a broken spring the need and urgency to have this issue resolved immediately is imperative.

All of our Garage door technicians are on call twenty four hours a day seven days a week so no matter what time it may be when your garage door is not working up to par you can count on the professional garage door repair workers at American Best Garage Doors to be at your location in just a few minutes after placing your call.

American Best Garage Doors is happy to announce that we are now running a special for garage door inspections, for $55 you can have a skilled garage door technician at your home the same day you call in for a quick yet thorough garage door inspection.

Upon inspecting your garage door our techs will compile a list of all needed repairs or replacement services you require for your garage door to be functioning properly.

Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

July 5, 2013

If your garage door could talk that is exactly what it would be screaming when its springs break, unfortunately inanimate objects cannot speak so it is up to the owner to diagnose the situation and make it all better. Garage Doors can have many different issues with them, from broken springs, bent panels, snapped cables, broken hinges or garage door opener issues. Our skilled garage door repair technicians have been trained in all aspects of garage door repair work so they never will arrive at a location and not know how to handle the problem. Keeping your garage door in tip top shape is one of the most important tasks a homeowner can have yet it one of the most overlooked. Just like any other household appliance regular maintenance is required to keep the door running like it should. Keeping up with the minor repairs that are needed throughout the year with your garage door can and will wind up saving you a huge amount of money down the road. You see garage door repairs are very expensive a simple spring replacement can run you a few hundred dollars, and the longer you neglect your garage door the higher the cost is going to be to fix it. By keeping up with the repairs on your garage door like lubing the rollers, tighten or replacing screws in the hinges and of course making sure to park far enough away from the panels to ensure you do not accidentally bump into them will help keep repairs and repair cost down in the future. But if you are like most other people you have probably not paid any attention to your garage door and are in need of professional repair work, our garage door repair technicians are the best in the business. Not only do we work twenty four hours a day seven days a week but after we are called to your home our techs will fix whatever issue you have and then go over preemptive measures you can take to avoid calling us again. Remember it is never too late to start caring for your garage door like you should keep checking back for more tips on how to keep your garage door running smooth.

Garage Door Openers!! No Longer A Luxury Item…

June 18, 2013

Gone are the days where only new homes and wealthy people can enjoy opening and closing their garage door from the comfort of their vehicles, our garage door technicians carry a wide selection of various garage door openers that are guaranteed to fit into any budget. Garage door openers have not always been around almost one hundred years ago a fine young man named C.G. Johnson invented the first electric door opener and since then things have never been the same. In 1926 when the first opener came into  existence they were used primarily at military bases and in the homes of the very well off, these remotes that were used to open and close overhead doors were not very sleek and since still brand new had quite a few minor malfunctions to work out. Even into the late 1980’s garage door opener remotes were known to open other people’s garage doors just by being in the same vicinity but not anymore. With all the new technology out there garage door technicians developed a way to ensure that only your garage door opener remote would open your garage door by setting the remotes to different channels and frequencies. The garage door opener has come a long way since it was first invented now a days it is one of the most common household appliances next to the refrigerator and oven, the ease of use and added assistance it gives to anyone who uses it makes it one of the most sought after purchases. If you are use to getting in and out of your vehicle each and every time you want to open or close your garage door just think of how nice it would be to push a button and have the door open or close right away. No more dealing with the weather or accidentally locking your keys inside your car as it is running a garage door opener puts all of that unneeded nonsense in the past. And since garage door openers are made to fit into any type of garage you can be sure there is one out there on the market just right for your home and budget. Check with our garage door opener specialist now to see what options you have when it comes to choosing your garage door opener.

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American Best Garage Doors is the premiere garage door company in the Tri-State area. We service allread more »

Garage Door Installation Specials 30.Nov,2013

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Replacing Windows 30.Nov,2013

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American Best Locksmith – the best choice in town! 11. Aug, 2010

The reviews are in and American Best Locksmith has consistently met or exceeded customers’ expectations!!  We invite you to visit our Google Local Business listing where you can read reviews about our superior service.

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Smart Technology Makes Garage Door Openers More Convientant than Ever 04. May, 2015

Garage door openers - Smart TechnologyFor years, garage door openers have helped home owners to easily access their garage space without having to do more than lift a finger. This easy of access is even more beneficial if you have young children or elderly who may not be able to physically open the garage door otherwise. However, the motorization of garage door openers is hardly the last step in convenience. As smart technology has seeped more and more into everyday life, many aspects of your home which you would not generally associate with smart technology are becoming smart enabled. For garage door openers this means more convenience than ever when accessing your garage, or features which you would never dream a garage door opener would have.

Worldwide Garage Door Opener Functionality

By having a smart technology enabled garage door opener, homeowners are able to open and close their garage door from anywhere in the world. In addition to being able to open and close your garage doors it also allows for you to check whether you had closed the door once you left. Those of us who tend to be forgetful, especially when leaving in the morning, can see a great benefit from garage door openers like these. Parents can take solace in the fact that they are able to check whether their children have arrived home after school and even confirm that the garage door was closed behind them. With this type of convenience you can have packages safely delivered, give entry to an unexpected house guess and even help you get back in if you have locked yourself out of your home. The convenience that smart technology enabled garage door openers offer is a of great benefit in many sitautations. American Best Garage Doors has professional technicians who are able to dicuss your smart opener needs with you directly and can then provide you with installation. Smart garage door openers are also recommended in some cricumstances because of the effect they can have on a garage door’s lifespan. For any garage door service you may be looking for, contact us today to speak with a professional directly. He will be able to work with your needs to determine which options will work best.
There is no doubt that older garage door opener still do offer a great benefit to homeowners. However, that pales in comparasion to the convenience which can be achieved by having smart garage door openers installed. As this technology continues to become more and more popular, the cost of such materials will decrease in cost. This is one of the reasons that smart garage door openers are becoming more popular at the current time. Contact American Best Garage Doors today to discuss the smart opener options which are available for you. There is no doubt that smart openers are able to give you a great number of benefits which many homeowners would never dream of being able to have.

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Get Your Garage Ready for the Springtime! 25. Apr, 2015

Garage ready for the springtimeThe weather is warming up as spring arrives. With the nicer weather comes a natural inclination to spend more time outdoors for both work and enjoyment. In order to get the most out of your outdoor experiencing, ensuring that your garage door is functioning properly is a high priority. Unless you use your garage to park your vehicle everyday it is unlikely that you have given your garage door much work over the winter months. At the start of spring you will want to not only ensure that your garage is in the most organized state, but also the highest functioning.

Garage Door Spring Replacements During Spring

One of the most common areas of a garage door system which can require repair is the garage door springs. Garage door springs hold a great deal of tension due to the stress that they are under when functioning. This can lead to damage of malfunction of the spring that can leave your garage door disabled. At the start of spring it is wise to test the function of your garage door to ensure that weather and inactivity have not taken a toll on your garage door springs. If you have a garage door spring that needs to be replaced, you may feel inclinced to attempt a repair yourself. It is highly advisable to avoid this situation. Garage door springs play a vital role in the function of your door, however they are still relatively inexpensive to have replaced when compared to the panels of your garage door. If you complete spring replacement by yourself, you could be setting yourself up for a hefty repair bill in the future if this spring replacement is not completed properly. By choosing a professional garage door company to replace your springs you are not only more likely to have a successful replacement service, but you will also have a warranty in case any damage does occur down the line.

Additional Garage Door Repair Service in Spring

Garage door springs are not the only part of your garage door system which can be in need of repairs during the spring. You can turn to a professional garage door repairman to provide you with the replacement of your existing panels. Panels can become discolored, or damaged, for a number of reasons. Whether it is an emergency replacement, or once which has been caused over the long term, turning to a professional can help you find a panel that will fit your exact needs. Additionally, automatic openers and rollers can also become damaged. Fortunately for garage door owners, rollers are the least expensive part to have replaced. Automatic opener repair can be the most frustrating to repaired becayuse while it is disabled you can be locked out of, or in, your garage. Speak with your local profesisonal in order to have the malfunction of your garage door diagnosed.

With the warm weather fast approaching, it is time to ensure that you will be ready for long summer weekends outside. Part of thise is making sure that your garage door is going to function throughout the summer months. It is highly recommended to find a garage door professional that you trust to complete repair and replacement service for you. By comparing companies you will be able to find the professional who most fits your needs, while also ensuring that you will have an individual to turn to should anything go wrong.

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